100% USDA Certified Organic Juice

Our juices are cold pressed, organic, untreated, unpasteurized, alive, and delicious!

16oz Bottle

Kimmye's Picks

The founder of The Weekly Juicery, Kimmye Bohannon, will personally select the juices that you drink each week, plus send you a short email to help elevate your knowledge of all things detox and good health. Even better? You'll be one of the first customers to try all of our new juices, potions, tonics, and tinctures!

WARNING: This knowledge is highly addictive and may cause hours of self-research and discovery on making the leap to healthy, elevated, clean living. Knowledge is power.

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Our Juice Guides are a passionate group of individuals who believe in the power of using organic juices and raw foods for health and well being. They are not medical doctors. They are not licensed to practice medicine. The Weekly Juicery is not a medical practice and our employees are not medical doctors giving medical advice. If you are deathly allergic to tree nuts, please avoid The Weekly Juicery. While we don't use tree nuts in our juices, our nut milks, raw foods and smoothies are made using tree nuts in a shared facility.