100% USDA Certified Organic Juice

Our juices are cold pressed, organic, untreated, unpasteurized, alive, and delicious!

Level two

Currently we cannot get USDA Certified Organic watermelon and cannot make the Felon Melon at this time. Instead, we're substituting the delicious and refreshing Inflammation Tonic! Look for our beloved Felon Melon to make a come back this Summer!

Rainbow Cleanse 1 Day

Rainbow 1 Day Cleanse Includes:
The Lively Lemon
Green Lemonade
Sweet Beet Punch
Inflammation Tonic
Cool Kale Energy
A Nutty Date
A 30-minute cleanse coach session


Our Juice Guides are a passionate group of individuals who believe in the power of using organic juices and raw foods for health and well being. They are not medical doctors. They are not licensed to practice medicine. The Weekly Juicery is not a medical practice and our employees are not medical doctors giving medical advice. If you are deathly allergic to tree nuts, please avoid The Weekly Juicery. While we don't use tree nuts in our juices, our nut milks, raw foods and smoothies are made using tree nuts in a shared facility.