Organic Cold-Pressed Juice delivered to your doorstep

Our weekly juice customers not only receive lower juice prices, they wake up to cold-pressed juice delivered to their doorstep each week.

As a Weekly Juice customer, you'll be locking in lower prices for your cold-pressed juices, cleanses and raw foods. Organic, cold-pressed juices and foods delivered. No mess, hassle or clean up!

Follow these easy steps to enroll

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Creating an account allows you to quickly and easily access your juice orders to update, pause or cancel them. After you create an account, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to login to your account so that you're ready to checkout and proceed!

Decide: "Kimmye's Picks" or "pick Your Own"
Kimmye's Picks
Owner, Kimmye Bohannon, will personally select the juices you drink each week. You'll also receive her fav detox and healthy tips!
Pick Your Own
Select your own juices order each week. Change as often as you like or leave your order the same each week. Your choice!

Add juices + raw foods to your cart
Kimmye's Picks
Choose "Kimmye's Picks" item from our menu and enter a minimum quantity of 3 in the quantity section.
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Select individual juices and add them individually to your shopping cart. Enter a minimum quantity of 3 total juices.

Check your zip code: Delivery or Pick-Up?
Available options from zip code check will appear in your cart. If we're not delivering to your doorstep yet, choose a convenient pick up location. We're expanding our delivery zip codes every day.

Choose "Weekly" for your order frequency
Select "Weekly" on at least three items in your cart to receive our Weekly Juice discount on your items. Our Weekly Juice program requires a minimum of three items weekly to lock-in lower prices and receive the exclusive discounts and rewards available to members only.

Choose Delivery or Pick-Up & Days
Available pick-up/delivery days will appear as choices in your cart. Select the date you want for each item in your cart. That's it! We'll get busy on yoru order.


Create your account to get organic, cold-pressed juice, delivered weekly, with no mess, hassle or clean up.


As part of the Weekly Juice program you can add one time orders to your recurring Weekly Order and still receive discounted price! Choose "one-time only" for orders you want to receive just once. Add a juice cleanse or additional juices at your lock-in lower price anytime.

Keep a minimum of 3 juices in your cart for weekly delivery to keep your lower-locked in prices!

Need to change, hold, stop, start your Weekly Juice order? We got you! You can manage your account easily from the "my account" tab.

Our Juice Guides are a passionate group of individuals who believe in the power of using organic juices and raw foods for health and well being. They are not medical doctors. They are not licensed to practice medicine. The Weekly Juicery is not a medical practice and our employees are not medical doctors giving medical advice. If you are deathly allergic to tree nuts, please avoid The Weekly Juicery. While we don't use tree nuts in our juices, our nut milks, raw foods and smoothies are made using tree nuts in a shared facility.